Ishaq Mustaqim is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach & International Speaker.

''Excuses Are Always The Wrong Answer''   - Gary Vaynerchuck

''Excuses Are Always The Wrong Answer'' 
 - Gary Vaynerchuck

Why You Need To Read This eBook ?
This eBook is about mastering the skills that would set you apart from the average individual. Mediocrity requires that you do next to nothing about improving your life, but inside this eBook, you would find practical steps towards improving your life. This book ensures that you get secrets on how to live an extraordinary life.

The Effect Of The eBook On Your Life.
The effect of this book on your life cannot be totally explained, until you voraciously feed on its contents. 
  • This book enables you to be better placed in taking control of your life and make decisions that you would be glad to experience the consequence. 
  • This book helps everyone realize the value of their time, with useful details to help you learn how to make use of the people around you to improve your life, and not be limited by the thoughts of others.
  • The effect of this book on your life can only be imagined. This book also provides good illustrations on the life of many who are considered successful, and some of the steps they took to reach such height.
"True prestige and recognition come when you dedicate yourself to the craft, and focus on continuously raising the bar!"
Ishaq Mustaqim
Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach & International Speaker
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